Parmesan Herb Bagels ≈ a fail? — July 30, 2015

Parmesan Herb Bagels ≈ a fail?

So I’ve been dabbling at bagel making! Today I think I successfully achieved the quality of bagel I want. Yummy golden brown, perfectly done with crispy cheese on top. I think perfection. These are Parmesan Herb topped bagels. 


Fresh from the oven. Parmesan Herb Bagels!

Taste test tonight with AK and a couple friends. They all seemed to like them but said they weren’t like any other bagel they have had before. Not very good feedback, and I am unsure on how to make think different. I’ve tried multiple recipes and watch tutorials, a d seem to follow them to a T, but still fail. Anyone have any bagel advice.

love❤ — July 9, 2015


This tiny four letter word can change someones life in an instance. When I met my now husband, I never thought I could love someone the way I do. I never knew how much a person could change my life forever. Then AP came a long, she is the epitome of love, she has me wrapped around every fiber of her being, I would do anything for her. I thought when it was just me and AK, I could never love more than that, but then my child showed me what true love truly is. My time here on earth may be limited but I hope I get the chance to Love so much it hurts, well I don’t actually want to hurt, because I know sometimes love can break and then hearts break and I couldn’t handle that.


Love. Such a powerful, four letter word.