Late night insomnia — June 30, 2015

Late night insomnia

      Lately I cannot sleep. Ever since I began working a couple days over night it’s been hell to get to sleep. AP sleep amazing though the night! Even though she is currently working on two molars, AK went to bed hours ago and here I am stuck, wide awake, for absolutely no reason. I hate when I cannot sleep. I feel so drained during the days and feel like the day can’t end sooner, and then I am up again all night.

      So what shall we talk about tonight? AK’s job is amazing; they get bagels and brews every Friday and as of lately the local bagel shops have been well below par, so I am going to figure out an awesome bagel recipe this week to make for Friday! I am excited, AK is too! I have a dream to open a small diner, something that specializes in comfort foods, and of course pastries; who doesn’t like pastries?

    Recently I heard that there are 13 Republican’s running for Presidential office, I was shocked at this, as I think the US would fail completely if we had one in office right now. I also think that Obama will be known forever as the President who was in office when Marriage Equality became a federal law. I am so happy for that by the way, I am so glad that AP and any future children are able to more freely love and cherish anyone they want forever.

    I have this mom’s group that keeps me sane! We have been together since the middle of my pregnancy, and all have children near the same age so we go through a lot of things together. It’s amazing. They’re amazing, I don’t know where I’d be without them! Thank you ladies for being my rock when I need something/someone to keep me from drifting away. You are my solace and my peace, I find so much joy in you ladies its unreachable in most other areas of my life. Not say AK and AP are not, because they too are. For the group we are just starting that awesome summer contest with 100+ activities to do, with one overall winning team! I am so excited about this! I think it will get me a lot more active in the public and maybe meet some other local mom friends, which I have few and far between as of right now.

   Well I guess that is all for tonight. Thanks for reading.

-Onida 2:40am

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Where do I begin? — June 5, 2015

Where do I begin?

Do I start and give a back story of my life?
Do I just catch you up to my current life events?
I am not exactly sure how this works.

So here it goes.

I am Onida.
I am a 22 year Mother and wife.
I have been married to my Wonderful husband for two years come July 18th.
He’ll be called Apple King! (We may talk about him later)
We had our first child together on Jan 31st of 2014.
We’ll call her Apple Princess! (We’ll talk more about her in a later post!)

I absolutely LOVE being a mother, it has been my calling since as early as I can remember. I had been a SAHM since a couple of months before AP was born, it had been the best and the worst time of my life. But I wouldn’t change it for any thing else in the whole world.

Since AP was born AK has had a couple of job changes that has been so beneficial for us! He is now so much more happy and we are thriving and growing as a couple. Money problems still seem to get the best of us when it comes to me not working. So a couple of weeks back I began to work, although it’s not a lot of hours or pay per check it will hopefully be enough to help us get this debt figured out and into a less detrimental state.

So I am now working a fairly easy job two overnight shifts a week and will have A LOT of free time to write about me and my life and family!

I’ll get into more details later!
Thank you for taking the time to read my first Blog post. Maybe you’ll stick around?


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